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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Q: What are your online store policies?

A: Click here to learn more.


Q: I have an older Ross model. Do you offer spools for discontinued reels?

A: Yes! We do have a limited supply of  spare spools for some of our Discontinued/Heritage models. These can be purchased directly through Ross Reels, or special ordered through any of our Authorized Dealers.

Q: Are Ross fly rods available for warranty service?

A: No. All fly rods were discontinued on July 15, 2015 and are no longer available for warranty service. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Q: I don't see my Ross product on the Product Registration page. Why not?

A: Once Ross discontinue's a product line, it its no longer available for warranty registration.

      - July 15, 2015: All fly fishing rods and outfits. More information from Ross can be found here.

      - November 1, 2015: All Flyrise and Flystart™ reels;

      - January 1, 2016: All CLA reels (replaced by the Cimarron II);

      - July 11, 2017: All Ross Rapid and Ross Eddy reels. 

      - November 1, 2018: Cimarron II and 2014 Animas.



Q: Are discontinued items still for sale?

A: Possibly, yes. They are based on current inventory stock and any items for for sale can be found here.


Q: I looked at your Dealer locator, but there are no Ross dealers local to me. Can I buy directly from Ross?

A: Unfortunately, no. We do have several preferred online retailers that can be found through links on each of our product pages.


Q: Do you have a Pro Discount? If so, who qualifies?

A: Yes! We do offer pro discounts to full-time guides and fly shop employees. Visit our Industry Site for more information.


Q: Where can I find more information (backing capacity, weight, diameter) of a specific model?

A: Please visit our Product Help page for published specifications on both our current and Heritage products.


Q: Where is Ross located?

A: The entire Ross operation including manufacturing plant, offices, warehouse, and service department are all in Montrose, Colorado. For specific inquiries, please Contact Us.

Q: I have an old Ross reel. How much is it worth?

A: Some of the older Ross reels are highly sought-after and collectible. The best way to get a current value is to check online auction sites and the 'For Sale' pages of fly fishing forums.


Q: Can you mail me a Ross catalog?

A: You can view our downloadable 2019 E-Catalog here.


Q: Can I sign-up for an email newsletter?

A: Yes. Sign up for our e-newsletter here. You should also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news, product info, and even a few giveaways.


Q: Looking for Warranty, Service, or Parts?

A: Please visit our Warranty & Repairs page.


Q: Who owns Ross Reels?

A: Ross is a small business proudly owned by Colorado-based Mayfly Outdoors. More information is available here.