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Ross Reels awarded with Colorado’s top manufacturing honors

April 13, 2017

Montrose, CO -- Ross Reels, one of the world’s premier fly fishing manufacturing businesses, was recognized this week for innovation in product manufacturing presented by CompanyWeek and Manufacturer’s Edge.

Pictured is Rob Joseph (L) and David Dragoo (R)

Ross Reels was nominated by the City of Montrose and selected as a finalist for the 2017 Colorado Manufacturing Awards. A finalist reception was held at the Art Hotel in Denver on Thursday evening, with Bart Taylor, founder of CompanyWeek magazine, presiding as master of ceremonies. The award nominees were some of the most respected businesses from across Colorado. MOOTS Cycles from Steamboat Springs, Wagner Custom Skis from Mountain Village, and Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co. from Denver were the three other finalists.

The winner for the “Consumer and Lifestyle” category was announced after all other nine categories, making for a highly-anticipated reveal. In his description of Ross Reels and it’s work, Taylor noted “[They] changed course. Understanding what primary jobs meant to the community and what the community might ultimately give back to the brand, Ross Reels now sets the bar for innovation in [its] competitive sector”.

The award was highlighted by the attendance of Assistant City Manager Rob Joseph who attended the event on behalf of the City to support Ross Reels. Joseph noted, “Since moving to Montrose, Mayfly has demonstrated its promise to be a conscientious community-minded partner through its corporate culture which holds dear a sense of excellence in work and sense of pride in community. The awards ceremony further displayed to me that Mayfly commands respect and is held in high regard by its industry peers. The Dragoo's, their exemplary staff, and world-class products well complement the City’s efforts to position Montrose as a leader in the world of outdoor recreation.”

“It’s a huge honor for us. This award recognizes business from all over the State. We’re proud to bring this award to the Western Slope,” said David Dragoo, company President. Dragoo added, “You can make anything once, but repeating it at a high-standard many thousand-times over proves excellence. Our team and our products are excellent”.


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