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Freshwater and Warmwater Fly Fishing Specialist


What Jeff Says About Ross

I have traveled the world in pursuit of exotic fish species. Most of these adventures take me far away from any semblance of civilization, so there is no room for error with any of the tackle that I pack. These are typically one-shot deals, and a rod or reel failure could mean the quick end to a trip 7000 miles away from home. For this reason, I chose to become a member of the Ross Professional Advisory Team. The Ross fly rods and reels are a no brainer! No other company’s tackle provides a higher level of confidence when chasing tough fish in remote corners of the globe. Ross rods are by far the best rods for punching huge flies into tight locations, yet they are incredibly accurate, mend line effortlessly and are forgiving enough to keep gigantic fish attached on light tippet. I live a blessed life and never take a day for granted, and am honored to be a part of a company that is equally passionate about the sport of fly fishing.


What Ross Says About Jeff

Jeff Currier is a real treasure to the sport of fly fishing. He led Team USA to its first ever top ten finish in the World Fly Fishing Championships in Jaca, Spain, placing third in the individual standings to become the first North American ever to take home a medal in the long history of the event! Jeff is unquestionably the best traveled angler in the world of fly fishing. Having fished in 40 countries and counting, no other angler has traveled to so many remote locations to pursue exotic fish species. And while it would be difficult to find another angler with even half of his experience and a quarter of his “off the chart” travel stories, Jeff remains one of the most humble and approachable celebrities in the sport. He is always willing to share stories about his travel adventures or some exotic fish of which most people have never even heard. It is an honor to have Jeff as a member of the Ross Advisory Team and a true pleasure to share in his knowledge of the sport.



  • Author of Currier's Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing and Currier's Quick and Easy Guide to Warmwater Fly Fishing 
  • Fly fished in over 40 countries 
  • More than 200 fly caught species 
  • Nationally recognized fly fishing artist whose work has appeared in books, magazines, catalogs and t-shirts 
  • Television appearances include Fishing the West, Fly Fishing the World, In Search of Fly Water, Reel Outdoors, Fly Fish TV and Fly Fish America Magazine cover appearances include Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod & Reel, Men's Journal, Sport Fishing, Fly Tackle Dealer and Delta Sky Magazine 
  • Featured speaker and presenter at fly fishing clubs and sportsman's shows across the country 
  • Member of Team USA fly fishing team




Jeff Currier