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Spey Fly Fishing Specialist


What Jeff Says About Ross

I guide and fish in the waters of Oregon, where you will find bright salmon and steelhead year round! The most effective way to catch these fish is by swinging big flies to them on a spey rod. The conditions on my home water are challenging, so I never head out alone or with a client without my Ross gear in hand. Equipment failure is not an option, so the tackle I use must be 100% dependable. When you might only have one good shot at a fish during an entire day, I trust that the Ross rods and reels will do the job each and every day! The fish I target will settle for nothing less than a perfect presentation. Whether fishing a six-inch long weighted leech on a heavy sink tip or a small skated fly on a dry line, the Reach spey rods deliver flies with precision. They are light in hand and easy to cast, but once a fish is hooked, the Reach spey rods have plenty of backbone to lift heavyweight fish from the depths, while still maintaining enough sensitivity to protect a light leader from giant head-shakes and monster jumps! These rods consistently put more fish on the beach than anything else I fish.


What Ross Says About Jeff

Jeff is a world renowned Oregon salmon and steelhead guide who embodies of the soul of modern spey fishing. In addition to being one of the top guides in the US and a household name in the world of spey fishing, Jeff is one of the rare individuals who actually lives and breathes the sport. 365 days a year Jeff is either guiding, fishing or developing cutting edge products as a pioneer of the modern spey revolution. He is a world-class spey caster and has played a large role in current spey line design. Jeff has been completely obsessed with fly fishing since early childhood. He has been guiding since the ripe age of twelve and his fly fishing travels have taken him all over the world. While he is unquestionably one of the finest spey fishermen of modern time, it is his kindness, patience and true love of teaching that makes Jeff the type of individual who we are honored to call an advisory member, and more importantly, a friend.



  • World renowned Oregon Salmon and steelhead guide 
  • International fly fishing travel host and instructor 
  • Featured Speaker at fly fishing clubs and shows 
  • Prominent features in many full-length fly fishing films, including Skagit Master and Hustle and Fish 
  • Numerous magazine features and appearances in The Drake, The Fly Fish Journal, Catch, Wild On the Fly, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Fish Alaska Magazine 
  • Published fly fishing photographer





Jeff Hickman