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Essence Elite Outfit™

Essence Elite Outfit™


The Essence Elite Outfits™ is Ross' premium outfit designed for anglers who want the convenience of purchasing an all-inclusive fly fishing package and demand quality.

Essence Outfit™

Essence Outfit™


The Essence Outfit™ are complete outfits and the perfect way to get into the sport of fly fishing. Just tie on a fly and you are ready to fish!

Journey Beginner Outfit™

Journey Beginner Outfit™


The Journey Beginner Outfit™ is the only fly rod designed for young anglers, by young anglers. This rod, reel, and line combo helps introduce the beginner to the sport of fly fishing with the proper sized equipment.

Flystart Reel Outfit™

Flystart Reel Outfit™


The Flystart reel outfits are the perfect option for anglers gearing up to fish. These kits arrive pre-spooled with a premium American-made fly line, backing and a 9’ tapered leader making them ready to go right out of the box. Simply attach one of these reels to your favorite fly rod, tie on a fly, and you are ready to fish!

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